Jose Aldo: My current intention is to no longer fight.

Its no secret Interim Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is far from happy with his current situation within the UFC. After a win against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 he had been promised another crack at Conor Mcgregor with the hope of regaining his title, but this was not to be. Aldo recently flew out to Vegas to meet Dana White to discuss face to face the future of his fighting career.

Aldo spoke with Brett Okamoto(ESPN) in Las Vegas after his meeting with UFC President Dana White, “I feel happy I got to speak with Dana White face to face and it feels like a weight has been lifted”.

Aldo(28-2) the former WEC Featherweight Champion became the UFC Featherweight Champion in 2010 after the WEC-UFC merger and has seven title defenses in the promotion. When asked about his future in the sport Aldo replied, “My current intention is to no longer fight. At this moment no (I wont fight), nobody knows.” 

It doesn’t look like there will be any legal issues between the two parties but it also seems like the Interim Champion has lost all desire to fight again, “If I had no contracts binding me I don’t think right now I would have the motivation to fight, of course I have a contract and I have obligations. I am not going to legally challenge my contract.”

Lets hope Aldo gets his motivation back as it would be sad to see a fighter of such a high pedigree slip away from the sport.


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