Lineker edges win over Dodson

Two Bantamweight powerhouses clashed last night as they headlined UFC Fight Night 96 Portland. John Lineker and John Dodson who are ranked 3rd and 10th respectively went five rounds in an exciting fight in which many thought would not go the distance with both men been known for their knockout power.

From round one Lineker stalked Dodson and landed heavy hooks to the body and head whenever he got into striking distance. Dodson stayed on the outside choosing to stick and move to stay away from the wild swings of Lineker. Lineker showed just how good of a chin he has as Dodson landed some very clean kicks to the head.

This fight could of went either way with Lineker throwing high volume strikes and Dodson landing the more significant strikes. Lineker was the aggressor throughout and I believe that helped him secure the win.

Today’s norm of calling fighters out at the post fight interview was not wasted by Lineker as he says he wants his shot at the Champion Dominick Cruz, but he may have to wait as top contenders such as TJ Dillashaw, Bryan Caraway and Cody Garabrandt all want there shot at gold. I think TJ deserves to fight Cruz next and an exciting fight for the fans would be Lineker vs Garbrandt.


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