Wanted: Construction Workers, UFC Fighters & Real Estate Agents

For a long time fighters have claimed they are not getting paid what they are worth. The fight game is rapidly changing and with this comes the need to invest heavily in new training methods, fight camps, nutrition, medical costs and a whole list of other essentials a fighter needs to make sure they are on top of their game.

Irish Joe Duffy is yet another UFC fighter to come out of the woodwork about fighter pay after he declined to fight the last fight on his contract at UFC Belfast over failed contract negotiations. The new contract offer was “not what we think we are valued at” Joe said on The MMA Hour. 

After been offered a fight on the card in his home country of Ireland against a virtually unknown opponent Joe felt he had noting to gain and everything to loose if he took the fight. Joe also hinted at a possible move into setting up a Construction Business in Montreal as a back up plan and source of additional income.

“There is a big gap between what we are asking for and what the UFC offered us” in what Joe called “a take it or leave it deal”.

New Yorker Al Iaquinta last week says he had to decline a fight at the first ever show in MSG as “the money just was not there”. Al like Joe is thinking of a plan B in case the UFC falls through and says he is training to become a Real Estate Agent. This is the sad reality for some fighters these days, they are some of the best athletes in the most profitable promotion in the world and they cant afford to fight.

With fighters such as Rory Mcdonald and Benson Henderson going over to Bellator for better contracts and sponsorship opportunities expect to see the seemingly ever growing list of fighters currently in the UFC ranks jumping ship in the coming months.


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