Where you at George?

With Toronto having fallen out of favour with the UFC in the last few years, haven choose other Canadians city’s over the 6 such as Ottowa, Halifax and Monteral, they have again decided to grace the great shores of Lake Ontario by bringing UFC 206 to the Air Canada Center December 10th.

Canadian mma legend and household name here in the great north, George “Rush” St Pierre is set to come out of retirement and make his return to the octagon and it would make sense to have GSP headlining the main card in Toronto for his return fight.

GSP coming back may revitalize mma in Canada, the sport somewhat been at an all time low with former UFC star and the current active, most widely known Canadian welter weight Rory Mc Donald coming off a crucial loss against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, which may have been the deciding factor in his failed contract renegotiation with the organization.

Todays fighters want the biggest fights with the most profitable payday possible without having much regard for titles and the UFC ranking system, take a look at Micheal Bisping vs Dan Henderson for instance. Stars such as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz having set the trend at UFC 202 having made a disclosed 3 and 2 million(and the rest) respectively, with ppv sales coming in around the region of 1.3-1.5 million buys.

GSP is the “Money Fight” no matter what way you look at it. He could be regarded as the greatest UFC welterweight of all time, with the whole country of Canada behind there boy and with George having a large following world wide expect ppv sales to be through the roof.

At the moment most divisions GSP may be interested in are tied up, with such fighters as Micheal Bisping facing Dan Henderson, Conor Mcgregor given the ultimatum to either face Aldo at 145 or Alvarez at 155 and Tyrone Woodley going up against Stephen Thompson and then the winner will take on  Demian Maia. It may seem as though Georges options are slim to none at the moment, but there may be one bright star in the mix well known to all by the name of Nick Diaz.


Having already fought each other back at UFC 158 Nick would like noting better than to step into the cage for his return fight and get in Georges face.

There was no love lost between the two the last time they faced each other, Nick claiming after the fight that “Georges St-Pierre was on steroids when I fought him,” and that he missed weight saying,

“He missed f—ing weight. He f—ing missed weight. He didn’t make weight. How is that not news? That’s why they wanted that fight over there (in Canada). So he could f—ing cheat. I would have knocked that motherf—er out. He was not as good as me. There’s no way that guy’s as good as I am. There’s f—ing no way. He held on the whole fight. In Pride FC and real rules, in real fights, you f—ing didn’t fight the whole fight. I’m over here trying to fight. Neither of us are fighting, you’re f—ing holding onto my leg, holding onto me around the waist the whole fight and any time you’re not, you’re getting punched up.”

With both fighters personalities been polar opposites, George been the soft spoken polite Quebecer and Nick the trash talking hard man from Stockton, you can be sure of an entertaining build up to this fight. GSP recently said on a phone interview with MMA Fighting “It could be very possible to happen,” regarding the Diaz fight.

Nick voiced his opinion on You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen saying “That dude needs to come back and give me another fight as far as I’m concerned. As long as I can fight. They did not test him for steroids for that fight. They did not test us.”



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