Team Diaz Vs. Team McGregor

Turning back the clock to the pre-fight press conference before UFC 196 we may have reached the summit of trash talk between Nate and Conor.
Juicing, touch butt and bums where topics which where brought up between the two and had these words been put into a different context they could easily indicate something completely different other that two professional mma fighters trying to get one over on the other teams camp.


Diaz claims he trains with top ten boxers, jiu-jitsu and mixed martial artists, but McGregor thinks different labeling them all “juice heads and bums”. Below is a list of the two fighters teammates who are helping them prepare in the build up to UFC 202.  Who’s team would win if shit hit the fan?

Team McGregor:


John Kavanagh (SBG Dublin Head Coach)
2005 European BJJ champion. Ireland’s first BJJ black belt.
⦁ Ido Portal (Movement Coach)
Self proclaimed master of movement. He also specializes in bodyweight and gymnastics oriented strength and conditioning.
Owen Roddy (SBG Dublin Striking Coach)
Cage Contender Featherweight Champion. Professional mma career 11-4.
Patrick Holohan (SBG Tallaght Head Coach)
Retired UFC flyweight fighter. Professional record of 12-2. BJJ brown belt.
⦁ Gunnar Nelson (Mixed Martial Artist)
Current UFC welterweight with a professional record of 15-2-1. BJJ black belt and decorated BJJ practitioner.
⦁ James Gallagher (Mixed Martial Artist)
Current Bellator featherweight fighter. Professional record of 4-0.
⦁ Artem Lobov (Mixed Martial Artist)
Current UFC featherweight with a professional record of 11-12-1-1. TUF finalist.
Dillion Danis (BJJ Champion)
World and Pan-American No-Gi champion. BJJ black belt under Marcelinho Garcia.
⦁ Paddy Barnes (Boxer)
Commonwealth Games; 2 gold medals, EU Amateur Championship; 2 silver and 1 gold medal, Olympic Games; 2 bronze medals. World Series of Boxing record 5-1.
⦁ Conor Wallace (Boxer)
Six time all Ireland Champion.
⦁ Cian Cowley (Muay Thai Champion/Mixed Martial Artist)
Current Irish Muay Thai super wealtherweight champion. 4 Nations, Golden Belt, ISKA and CMT title holder. Amateur mma record 3-1.

Team Diaz:


⦁ Cesar Gracie (BJJ Coach)
Professional mma record of 0-1.” Coach of the year” fighters only 2010 mma award.
⦁ Richard Perez (Boxing Coach)
⦁ Joe Shilling (Muay Thai Kickboxer/Mixed Martial Artist)
Shilling roots are in Muay Thai where he has a professional record of 21-7, he is currently fighting for Bellator MMA where he has a professional record of 5-2.
⦁ Andre Ward (Boxer)
Gold medal at 2004 Olyimpic games. Professional boxing record of 30-1, with 15 wins by KO. Previous holder of 3 regional titles and 4 world titles.
⦁ Kron Gracie (BJJ Practitioner/Mixed Martial Artists)
Black belt in Judo and BJJ. Holds sixteen titles in various championships including World Jiu-Jitsu Champion and Pan-Am Champion. MMA record of 2-0.
⦁ Nick Diaz (Mixed Martial Artist)
BJJ black belt. Professional mma record of 26-9-0-2(nc).
⦁ Jake sheilds (Mixed Martial Artist)
ASCC Submission Wrestling World Championship bronze medal, Pan-A Championships BJJ gold, Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, EliteXC Welterweight Championship, Shooto Welterweight Champion. Professional mma record of 31-8-1-1 and currently fighting foe WSOF.
⦁ Gilbert Melendez (Mixed Martial Artist)
Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, WECLightweight Champion. Professional record of 22-6.
⦁ Chris Avilla (Mixed Martial Artist)
Professional record of 5-2. Avilla will face Artem Lobov in the prelims at UFC 202.


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