UFC 200 Dream Card


With the UFC 200 fight card to be announced in the upcoming days there is high levels of anticipation and a great deal of suspense within the MMA community as too who UFC matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby will choose to go head to head, in what will be the biggest UFC card in the company’s twenty three years of operation.

So I’ve decided to throw on my matchmaking boots and give my two cents on fights I’d like to see and my reasons why I choose them. Hopefully some of these will come to fruition in the next few days with the announcement on the horizon.

Conor McGregor vs Frankie Edgar
This fight has to happen at some stage. Conor needs to defend his featherweight strap and Frankie deserves the shot. He’s been on a serious steak and impressively  knocked out Chad Mendes in the first round of his last fight.


Rafael Dos Anjos vs Nate Diaz 2 
Although RDA bet Nate easily in their previous fight two years ago, Nate is coming off two very substantial wins having been a heavy underdog in both fights. I could see him emulating his previous two wins and upsetting the bookies in the process to become the new lightweight champion.

(A Diaz/McGregor win could lead too a juicy rematch for the lightweight title in the future)


Robbie Lawler vs George St Pierre
With rumours flying around of a GSP return, I think the 200 card would be the perfect time for the all time welterweight king to make a come back. It would be a massive draw for the card and who better to put him up against other that the current welterweight champion Ruthless Robbie Lawler who said on a periscope session with bloody elbows Anton Tabuena “Yeah, I’d knock GSP out if he comes back,”. This could end up been one of the greatest fights ever to happen in the devision.


Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm
Rouseys loss to Holly at UFC 193 came as a shock to most MMA fans who believed Rousey was invincible, but with a kick to the head and some hammer fists this proved not to be the case. Holm was unable to defend the belt at UFC 196 having been choked out by Misha Tate. I’m sure Rousey will want to scratch that loss from her record and Holm will want to prove herself worthy of another chance to get her hands on the belt.


Fabricio Werdum vs Jon Jones
I know this one is a long shot but with talk of super fights been thrown around so easily these days why not? With Jones having made it clear of his intentions on moving up to the  heavyweight division it seems all the more plausible. If Jones can regain his light heavyweight title at UFC 197 and beat Werdum it would lead too him stealing Conor McGregor dream to be the first person to hold belts in two weight classes at once.


Well there you have it. That would be a fairly stacked Main Card to say the least. Let’s hope we see some of these fights announced in the not so distance future.



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