McGregor vs Diaz too soon for UFC 200


As we all know Conor McGregor was defeated by Nate Diaz at UFC 196. Fans of The Notorious where shocked that their boy, who is by far the biggest draw in the game, was choked out by Nate. The Irish native had extreme self confidence and gave off an aura of invincibility as the two went back and forth in many press conferences and interviews building up to the fight. But as Nate said to Joe Rogan after the fight, “I’m not surprised motherfuckers” and it seems his fans weren’t either with social media flooded with support for Diaz.


With UFC 200 on the horizon there is a lot of talk about a McGregor vs Diaz rematch. It’s a given that a rematch would bring in unprecedented amounts of revenue for the UFC but having an immediate rematch could be counter intuitive and damaging in the long term.

McGregor should defend his featherweight crown, he has two hungry opponents waiting at 145lb with Frankie Edgar on a five fight win streak and Jose Aldo who deserves a rematch having been the UFC featherweight king for six years.


Nate on the other hand should be given a rematch against Rafael Dos Anjos, even though he was more or less dominated two years ago a lot has changed since then. It would make for a very exciting fight given he is after defeating two very skilled fights one of whom we all know was McGregor who was originally supposed to fight RDA for the lightweight title in the first place.


So instead of having a premature rematch at UFC 200 let’s be hypothetical for a second, if McGregor successfully defends at featherweight and Diaz gets a win over RDA to become the new lightweight champion it would lead us down a path where we could see a monumental fight. It would give McGregor the chance to redeem the Diaz loss and also fight for the lightweight belt he wants so bad. For Diaz he also gets to redeem the RDA loss, win the lightweight strap and also the end result would be to defend it against McGregor at a later date.


With McGregor after defending his featherweight strap and Diaz as the new lightweight champion it would make the rematch all the more appealing for the fans.



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