Neil Magny On The Rise

Hector Lombard and Neil Magny took to the octagon at UFC Fight Night 85 co-main event. This would be Lombards first time in over a year to step into the octagon having been suspended in March 2015 for failing a drug test following his UFC 182 fight against Josh Burkham. Lombard would be facing an on fire Magny who has won nine out of his last ten fights in the octagon with one loss coming from rear naked choke by arguably one of the best submission artists in the game Demien Maia.

Round one starts with Lombard bridging the gap quickly, not allowing Magny to use his reach he gets on the inside unleashing a flurry of punches and leg kicks. Magny is taken to the ground receiving plenty of blows by Lombard who looks to be going all out early trying to get the finish. Magny briefly scrambles back to his feet but is taken straight back down by a very powerful Lombard. Lombard is dominating completely on the ground throwing vicious elbows and punches, he really wants this early finish but Magney is doing very well covering up and sustaining his energy on the ground. Lombard looks very tired now after using a lot of energy trying to finish Magney. The round finishes on the feet with Magny finding his range landing nice jabs to keep Lombard at bay.

At the start of round two Lombard looks to be breathing heavily and is not near as sharp compared to the first round, the constant pressure he put on Magny in round one seems to have him gassed. Magny is now using his reach beautifully landing crisp one twos followed by front kicks which are all connecting. Lombard is been peppered by jabs but lands a big left hand that puts Magny on the canvas. Lombard shoots into Magnys guard where he gets caught in a triangle then slips out, Magny is quick to scramble here and ends up mounting Lombard and is now throwing a barrage of unanswered shots down on top of Lombard who is face down on the canvas and is not defending himself intelligently. The round ends here but should really have been called.

With a 10-8 round in the bag  for each fighter it all comes down to this. Round three starts of with a very tired looking Lombard coming out with Magny looking fairly unscaved even after the brutal assault of Lombard in round one. Again Magny uses his reach advantage perfectly striking a wobbly Lombard and taking him to the ground. Magny is quick to get a mounted triangle and uses this to finish a completely drained Lombard with beautiful ground and pound.

Magney wins by TKO in round three. The fight should have been stopped in round two, I can see referee Steve Perceval taking a lot of stick for not calling the fight in round two. Lombard took a lot of unnecessary damage by not intelligently defending himself against the unrelenting barrage of strikes. Magny deserved the win though, he showed great heart and perseverance coming into round two after getting completely dominated in round one. He showed us very crisp striking and took shots well against a very though opponent and is defiantly one to watch out for in the already stacked welterweight division. Watch this space Robbie Lawler.



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