Kelvin Gastelum Highlights

The 25 year old TUF winner takes on veteran Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night 106 in Fortaleza, Brazil. This is the second time Gastelum will fight in the Middleweight division after Dana White told Fox Sports “I’ll never let him fight at 170 again,” having failed to make weight to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 205.

Gastelum’s only two losses come from Neil Magney and Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. Gastelum put on a stellar performance handing Tim Kennedy his final loss at UFC 206 showing slick boxing and wrestling skills.

A win against Belfort will undoubtedly raise Gastelum’s stock and propel him up the Middleweight rankings to secure a fight against a top 5 opponent.

Check out Gastelum’s highlight reel below.


Jake Shields Saves Man Jumped By Thugs

Fair play to Jake Shields he became an instant hero last night after saving a man been beaten by “protesters” with covered faces and bats. The protest happened after Milo Yiannopoulos gave a talk at UC Berkeley.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British Journalist who was banned from twitter for “prohibiting participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.” which was in relation to his tweets to Leslie Jones the star of the new Ghost Busters movie, below is a Screenshot of Milos tweet:


Shields tweeted:

“The aftermath of me helping a guy after being jumped by thugs. The police and 100’s of civilians stood and watched.”

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The Korean Zombie-Returns

Chan Sung Jung, better known as “The Korean Zombie” returns to the Octagon this Friday in Huston, Texas. After a three year layoff from the sport due to Republic of Korea military service Chan Sung looks to make a dint in the Featherweight Division in his return, starting off with a tough opponent in Dennis Bermudez who is currently on a two fight win streak. Chan Sung last fought in 2013 for the Featherweight Title against Jose Aldo, he lost by tko after dislocating his shoulder in round four. Chan Sung was ranked #8 in the Featherweight Division before his departure, can a win throw The Korean Zombie back into the top ten mix given how the division  at present looks like this:

Jose Aldo (Champion)
#1 Max Holloway (Interim Champion)
#2 Frankie Edgar
#3 Ricardo Lamas
#4 Cub Swanson
#5 Jeremy Stephens
#6 Anthony Pettis
#7 Charles Oliveira
#8 Yair Rodriguez
#9 Dennis Bermudez
#10 Brian Ortega

Have a look at The Korean Zombie-Return 2017 courtesy of Black Bit which features fights against Dustin Poirier Mark Hominick and Leonard Garcia. Also if you have time check out this awesome workout program Primal Bell Workout Program – “A Workout That’s as Savage as the Beast That Inspired It”.

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Bellator Announces King-Mo vs Rampage 2

During a break in the action at Bellator 170 we received news that King Mo and Rampage 2 is scheduled to take place March 31st.

With Rampage having won the first fight by decision, King Mo thinks different. The fight is to take place at Heavyweight this time around. The two squared off after Rampage asking “How you win a fight by taking someone down and humping them?”

Who do you think won?

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Chael Sonnen, Trash Talk King.

Chael Sonnen fights for the for the first time since 2013 after losing by tko against Rashad Evans at UFC 167. Sonnen having retired in 2013 and subsequently failing a drug test the following year is not one to shy away from a bit of banter at the expense of his opponents as you would have seen from watching the Bellator 170 press conference.

Sonnen clearly got under the skin of Tito Ortiz while pretending to fall asleep and snoring into the mic as Tito recounted an analogy of his situation in the mma world and that of the king of the jungle(a lion in this case).

After Tito claimed the only reason Sonnen was such a draw was because of his mouth, Sonnen shot back,  “The only person that I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife.”  Tito at this stage is highly pissed and looks as if he is going to tear Sonnen’s head of there and then, needless to say the Bellator 170 main card should be a cracker.

Here are some of The Bad Guys best bits, enjoy.
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Tim Kennedy Retires

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Following his loss to Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 206 Tim Kennedy decided to call it a day. Below is the statement he released on his Facebook page;

Sitting in the ER at Saint Michael’s hospital in Toronto, Canada after my fight, I looked up at my buddy Nick Palmisciano who had ridden in the ambulance with me. This wasn’t our first time in this situation. I’d been here a few times in our past decade together. Sometimes for wins and sometimes for losses. The end result always looked the same: Nick carrying five bags that should have been split among three corners and me and my face are bleeding and swollen. “That’s it man,” I said. “We’re all done.”

We had talked about it a lot over the past few years. I’d spoken to Nick, to my wife Ginger, and to Greg Jackson and Brandon Gibson ad nauseam about the coming end. No matter how hard I trained, I knew this ride wouldn’t last forever. But saying it out loud definitely brought me both sadness that this chapter was complete and overwhelming relief that it’s a decision I could make without worrying about taking care of my family.

I had just lost to Kelvin Gastelum, a really respectful and hard-working young fighter who went out and did all the things I consider myself good at, but did them better. He actually reminded me of me when I was younger, except I was kind of a jerk back then. As losses go, I was kind of happy I lost to a guy like him.

A lot of my coaches, friends and fans immediately tried to build me up again. “Kelvin has the right skillset to beat you and it was your first fight back.” “You had ring rust.” “You’re still a top 10 middleweight.” I appreciated their comments and I don’t think they are wrong. I know I am still a good fighter. I know I was away a while. But they didn’t feel what I felt, and that’s being 37. I felt like I was in slow motion the entire match. I felt tired for the first time ever in a fight. I’m the guy that once graduated Ranger School – a place that starves you and denies you sleep for over two months – and took a fight six days later in the IFL and won. I’m the guy that is always in shape. And I was for this fight. I worked harder than I ever have before for this fight. But I wasn’t me anymore. My brain knew what to do but my body did not respond. I’ve watched other fighters arrive here. I’ve watched other fighters pretend they weren’t here. I will not be one of them.

I want to thank the military community for their support. I’ll never be able to explain how much you motivated me and how much I always tried to make you proud. I’ve been a professional fighter for two decades, but there was no greater moment for me than winning the main event of Fight for the Troops 3. You made me invincible that night. I will keep fighting for you all until the day I die.

I want to thank all of my coaches, from the old Days working with John Hackleman and Chuck Liddell , to all my military buddies who trained with me while I was on active duty, to Greg Jackson, Mike Winkeljohn, and Brandon Gibson now. That you all thought me worthy of the investment of your time means more than you will ever know.

I want to thank all of my opponents. Iron sharpens iron and every great victory or crushing defeat occurred because there was someone who trained hard and had the courage to meet me across the cage. I want to call a few guys out in particular. To Luke Rockhold and Jacare: you guys gave me two grinding fights that asked for everything I had. You both made me better and I hope I did the same for you. I hope the two of you keep that Strikeforce chip on your shoulders and get back on top. To Robbie Lawler: you hit me harder than anyone ever has. Seriously, that really hurt. To Roger Gracie: My training for your fight reminded me that I love the gi. Thank you for that. To Rafael Natal: It took tremendous guts to take the Fight for the Troops fight. I will always appreciate you for that and cheer for you every time you fight. To Michael Bisping: I’ve never wanted to beat anyone more than I wanted to beat you, and that motivated me to provide the best version of myself. Best of luck to you going forward, Champ.

Finally to my wife: I don’t deserve you and you don’t deserve what I’ve put you through. I could lie to you and tell you it’s all over, but we both know I have already moved onto another super dangerous thing to fill my time, so I’m going to leave it just at “thank you and sorry” for now.

So with that, to all of you fighters out there, I am not going anywhere. I love fighting and will always have the heart of a figher. I am committed to growing our sport and taking care of those who are a part of it. As sad as it is for me to walk away, the only thing sadder would be for me to stay because I had no other choice in order to feed my family. Someday the Kelvin Gastelum’s and the Yair Rodriguez’s and the Paige VanZant’s will be sitting in their respective emergency rooms with their respective Nick’s talking about it being over. And when that day comes, I want to make sure their future is secure.

I love you all. Thanks for listening. And thank you most of all for giving me the opportunity to do what I love for all these years.

We wish Tim all the best in his future endeavors. Check out his highlight reel below.

McGregor & Mayweather the new Muhammad Ali & Antonio Inoki?

With the hype of a McGregor vs Mayweather match up in full swing, may it be contested under boxing, mma or some hybrid boxing/mma rules lets not forget the time Muhammad Ali took on Antonio Inoki in a special rules mma fight.

At the time Ali was the WBC/WBA Heavyweight Champion and Inoki was the NWF  Heavyweight Champion. The two met at the Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo on June 26, 1976, needless to say it was a sceptical with many boxing writers and fans claiming it as one of the most embarrassing moments in Ali’s career.

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With history having a tendency of repeating itself do you think a matchup between McGregor and Mayweather will eventually come to fruition and if so who’s reputation can tarnished the most with a loss?